Friday, August 13, 2010


1st and 4th tiers: chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling
2nd and 3rd tiers: white cake with raspberry filling
marshmallow fondant decorated with a chocolate buttercream piping in black and chocolate marshmallow fondants dots also in black.

Special Agent Oso

For Ellie's2nd birthday I gave her the option of a Mickey Mouse cake and an Oso cake which happen to be 2 of her favorite Disney shows; she wanted an Oso cake. Since most people have no idea who Oso is I have attached a picture of him above. I was in a big hurry so it isn't perfect but I think he turned out pretty Oso-ish.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Angie wanted to make a cake for her friends birthday who is a BIG Jazz fan so we saw a similar design and decided to do the ball in hoop but replace the little jerseys they had on the base with a big Jazz penant that draped across the hoop.
***Note*** I know the spalding letters are not the right font but it was late and I did this for free or I would have piped it on instead of using fondant cutters, I still like it though.
*** Photography provided by my brother-in-law, more of his work can be seen at Smith pix photography on facebook. He really does a fantastic job with pics of my girls.


The first of June I was able to fly to Oregon to make my cousins wedding cake. It was a lot of fun to see her and other family I don't get to see often as well as my good friend Lindsay. I had to fly back early so it was left up to others to stack it on the day of the reception so I never saw it fully put together until the picture.
The cake was a combination of 2 pictures that she liked and a final fourth (top) tier designed by me to flow with the rest of the cake. The bottom tier was fake and the top and third tier were a chocolate cake and raspberry filling while the second tier was white cake and strawberry filling. Overall I was really happy with the outcome of the cake.

Fathers Day

I know this is a lot late, but, for Fathers Day we made each of our husbands a cookie bouquet. Dad got tools, Justin got a BBQ set, Josh got a variety of items, Ryan got sports balls, and since we didn't want to leave Chris out even though he isn't a dad or almost a dad we made him some tires.