Monday, August 17, 2009


Well my baby has turned 1, I can't believe how fast that came. I have had the idea of this cake in my head since before she was born so I was VERY excited to be able to make it. I did want to elaborate and sculpt a giraffe crawling up one side on the block and then and elephant just sitting on the other side out of fondant/gumpaste but I ran out of time. I also had some trouble with the first batch of fondant so don't look too closely, I would have thrown that out and made a new batch if I was getting paid but since I wasn't I just used it so there are some noticeable flaws. I used large marshmallows in the first batch and I don't know if that was my problem or what since I have never used large marshmallows before, so the second batch I went back to using the small ones and it worked. Anyways, the cake is 4 4x4 blocks and then topped with a 6x4 round and then I used the small Wilton stand up bear pan for the top tier. The cake is a yellow cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting as the filling and frosting. I also used a marshmallow fondant over the bottom two tiers. Where the top tier was smaller and just covered in buttercream we used that as the smash cake and it worked out great. It was a lot of fun to finally be able to make this cake and I was a little bummed that I didn't get to make the giraffe and elephant but I think she ended up with plenty of cake for her first birthday and only 6 people eating it.