Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well I have kind of been a slacker lately both with making things and taking pictures of the things I do make. These cookies are a basic sugar cookie with royal icing on top. I actually got these cookie cutters for $1 at Target and was very excited about the Frankenstein head and I will have to say that it did not disappoint, I think he turned out very cute. Because I don't have enough bags and tips I frosted the basic background color just using a small spatula instead of flooding so there are lines (don't look to close).
I also made little pumpkin cakes as thank yous for the people who made dinner for us after the baby was born but I forgot to take pictures. I used to small bunt cakes put together to create the pumpkin. Frosted it in Orange buttercream and stuck a mini twix bar in the top as the stem. They were not only cute but very tasty.